Mott/Regent superintendant stepping aside after 30 years

On June 30, 2015 an era will end with the Mott/Regent School District.

Myron Schweitzer
Myron Schweitzer

By Cole Benz | Herald Editor |

The Myron Schweitzer era.

During the February Mott/Regent school board meeting, Schweitzer approached the board with his resignation.

During his tenure in the district he’s seen students flourish, a football championship, and the realigning of two districts into one, and he felt now was the right time to step away.

After graduating from high school in Halliday, N.D., Schweitzer began his journey in education in 1984 after attending North Dakota State University, receiving his Agriculture Education degree. His first day on the job was July 1 of that year and he’s been in the Mott school system ever since.

At a time when educators are moving around and looking for the next step, it is quite a feat by Schweitzer to have spent his entire career in one school system.

So what made him get into education?

Initially, he was going to continue his schooling in something suited for the oil industry. When he graduated high school the area was in the middle of an oil boom, similar to what this region is currently experiencing.

But when he got into his training, he decided it wasn’t something he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He had had a few male teachers he looked up to in school, and he thought that teaching would be a good fit.

Thirty years later he’s made his life about that.

When he first began he taught vo. ag. full-time. Over an eight period day he was in the classroom teaching students six of them.

Around the 1997-1998 school year, Schweitzer received his secondary principal credentials and was hired as Mott’s principal, a move that was supposed to be for the long term. But things change quickly.

Just the next year the superintendent’s position was available and Schweitzer was promoted. That was an easy move for what was going to be a big year for the future of the school district.

Just as Schweitzer was getting comfortable in his new role as principal, discussions started to increase about realigning the school district. So in the course of two years, Schweitzer went from teacher, to principal, to superintendent with the task of combining two schools into one.

Schweitzer said he spent many evenings at meetings that year.

“There were a lot of late night working, getting the two districts to come together,” Schweitzer said.

He added that the work he did combing two schools was the biggest event he’s been involved with during his time as an educator.

Schweitzer couldn’t be more appreciative to what the school has given him.

“The community has been good to us,” Schweitzer said.

He has seen his kids through the schools and has had his fair share of bleacher time. His two son’s played sports and were on many successful teams. His eldest son was quarterback of the football team that won the state championship after the 2007 season. The Wildfire beat Napoleon/Gackle-Streeter 16-14.

So why now?

When he was asked that question, Schweitzer said that he didn’t see himself staying on for more than three or four more years, and with a possible school building project on the horizon, he thought it might be as good of time as ever to step aside.

“I don’t think it’s right for the district if the bond would pass and they’re going to build a new school, to basically change administrators halfway through the project,” Schweitzer said.

Schweitzer has achieved the ‘rule of 85’ (age of employee plus years of service must be 85), so he can take retirement.

Along with his work during the school hours, Schweitzer has put in time with extra curricular activities. Those activities, among other things, include FFA and teaching Drivers Education.

As he looks back at his time with Mott and Mott/Regent, Schweitzer said he is going to miss the students the most.

Though Schweitzer has decided to end his career with Mott/Regent, he said he’s not just going to sit and watch his crops grow. He still maintains a family farm near Hallidy and plans on keeping busy. Through the years he’s had his hand in many different types of work and wants to continue to pursue other ventures, whatever they may be.

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