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Mother Nature has provided us with a dose of reality. And, unfortunately, it is that time of the year were we may encounter adverse weather and have to make contingency plans for emergency conditions. As a family, if you haven’t made family plans, now is the time for families to take the necessary steps to ensure their safety and their child’s safety both on the road and at home during the upcoming winter season.

Winter weather can present challenges that can be made easier with some basic preparedness planning.

Below are some suggestions to be included in your winter emergency car kit, as well as your family’s winter disaster supply kit. It is also important for families to develop a family emergency communications plan in the event of an emergency.

Ensure that your tires have adequate tread and keep your gas tank at least half-full.  Keep a windshield scraper and small broom for ice and snow removal.  Check your windshield wiper fluid.  Plan your trips to school carefully, listening to the radio or television for the latest weather forecasts, road conditions, and school closures.

Each car should have an emergency preparation kit. Everyone should have a flashlights and extra batteries.

Additional items that should be included on your supply list are a freshly-stocked first-aid kit, essential prescription medicines, non-perishable foods (those that require no refrigeration such as canned goods, dried fruits and nuts), a non-electric can opener, water, and extra blankets.

Every household should develop a family emergency communication plan in case family members are separated from one another during a storm.  That is a real possibility during the day if parents are at work and children are at school. Each household should have made arrangements with the school to provide them with information regarding “storm homes” in case of an emergency.

There may be times when school will be called off during the school day and busses will not run their regular routes.

Storm homes will be utilized for the safety of the students and bus drivers.

Please contact your school and make sure we have updated information regarding storm homes.

Every student should have a storm home identified in case of an emergency.

Storm homes should be provided with extra clothes, essential medications, personal hygiene supplies, and various other items to minimize the distraction the storm may cause.

It is imperative we have this information on file in each school building.

Keeping parents informed and involved helps to assure student safety and improve student success. With today’s on-the-go lifestyles, it has become more difficult for schools to reach families quickly and effectively.

This is why our school has adopted Power Announcement.

Power Announcement is a tool for notification and communication between the school and our school community. Within minutes of an emergency, school officials can use Power Announcement to deliver a single, clear message to the students’ parents or guardians by telephone, cell phone, e-mail, pager or PDA in any combination. Power Announcement can also be used to notify you of a school closing due to inclement weather.

It’s an equally effective way to keep you informed of everyday activities, such as event times and locations as well as schedule changes.

If you have not set up your Power Announcement account yet, please take a few moments to update this information to enhance our communication between home and school.

Once again, Happy New Year!

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