Yup, got my first deer

Deer season opened last weekend. And not unlike many residents of the area I got involved.

Cole Benz | Editor
Cole Benz | Editor

By COLE BENZ | Herald Editor | cbenz@countrymedia.net

Deer season opened last weekend. And not unlike many residents of the area I got involved. This was my first opener and lo and behold I got my first deer, though I can safely say my method of hunting was unconventional at best.

Did I use a rifle?


Did I use a bow?


So what did I use to get my prize?

The front end of my vehicle.

Yes, I Cole Benz, hit my first deer while traveling on the highway.

I’ve heard stories of this happening. I have experience working at an insurance office and have seen first hand the damage the large beasts can exert on the front end of automobiles.

But until Saturday, Nov. 8, I had no idea how jarring that experience can be. It was like running into a big, furry and movable wall.

I was heading south on highway 85, it was 6 p.m. and dark. As I approached another vehicle traveling north, I saw the silhouette of the animal standing in the other lane. I immediately started to slow down with the hopes the deer would get scared and scamper back down the opposite ditch and into the darkness. But just before I was right up to the animal, he darted the other way and right across my driving path and my reflexes kicked in and I slammed on my brakes.


I was too late.

I pulled off to the side of the road to inspect the damage to my vehicle. It was dark so it was hard to see the full extent of what my car looked like, post deer run-in.

I hit the deer with the passenger side of my car. My hood looked like a sumo wrestler took a running leap and belly flopped on it. I could see my grill was cracked and license plate was bent. I didn’t want to stay on the side of the road too long because of how dark it was, so I got back on the road and proceeded home at a very minimal and careful speed.

As I went down the road I could hear something banging against my car, I was curious so I thought I’d better pull over again, but when I checked my mirrors the passenger side one was nowhere to be found, and just as I was rolling my eyes as I discovered yet another piece of my car gone, it flailed up with the wind. The mirror was literally hanging on by a wire.


I talked to my mother later that evening to tell her about my adventurous hunt, I had just put some money into repairs and told her that now that it was fixed, Murphy’s Law would see that I hit an animal or do some other type of damage…good call Mom! After making sure I was safe the next words out of her mouth were ‘well did you tag it, we could get some jerky made!’

Thanks again Mom! And no, I did not tag it.

The poor animal ran into the dark night and I couldn’t see it after it rolled over the front of my car.

I want to take this time now to apologize to the deer.

‘Deer, I’m sincerely sorry that we had a run-in.’ It was never my intention to do you harm, please forgive me.’

I appreciate the hunters who enjoy the sport, and I never hesitate to enjoy the fruits of their kill when it’s offered to me.

But I don’t hunt, and I’ve never considered myself an outdoorsman.

My friends, that night I was a hunter. It was me, the four-legged beast and the twilight of the evening.

Readers, please be careful out there. I was able to get away unharmed (I can’t say that much about my car), but I was wearing my seatbelt and the accident could easily have jostled me into some real pain and injury.

Be alert, be vigilant and know that where there’s one deer, his friends may not be far behind.

I saw three more on the shoulder of the road on my way home that evening.

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