Hello all!

Readers of The Herald, I welcome you to a new chapter of the news services we bring you. I want to welcome you to the inaugural blog post. I won’t take up too much of your time, but I wanted to usher out the red carpet to the readers of this publication and to the visitors of our website.

Blogs have become a very prominent part of journalism in the last decade, and it will only grow in popularity as the industry of journalism continues to change.

Writers who utilize this medium often enjoy the freedom blogs give over traditional journalistic formats. Blogs offer a more relaxed environment for the writer to communicate his or her thoughts on happenings in life, events in the world, and an overall place to just be real with everyone. And it can offer an extension to the print publication.

Blogging also allows the writer to go into greater detail on a decided topic. Facebook and Twitter both offer a quick and easy way to communicate on said topic. However blogging allows the depth of that topic to be larger than 140 characters.

I’m hoping to bring that depth to this venue. I want to be able to write my thoughts into words just as I would converse with someone across the coffee table. Somethings might make you laugh, some might make you think, but I will always try to be entertaining and bring a little pizzaz to my writing.

I will also inform from this blog. But this different venture will allow me to give you some varied perspectives and insights on the information given.

So please, come and read, and maybe reread. We’re starting this project together, so let’s get it started!

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