Mott/Regent hires Hill as new Principal, Athletic Director

When the 2014-2015 school year opens in Mott/Regent, they will do so with a different looking administration.

Adam Hill
Adam Hill

Posted August 15, 2014

By COLE BENZ | Herald Editor |

When the 2014-2015 school year opens in Mott/Regent, they will do so with a different looking administration.

Late in the summer season Mr. Wayne Heckaman left the school district to pursue other opportunities.

Filling the position is former Hettinger School superintendant Adam Hill. Hill will also assume the position of Athletic Director for Mott/Regent.

Hill comes to Mott/Regent with a long list of credentials and a full background in Education.

He is married and has four children. His oldest is in high school and she will be a junior. He also has twin girls in fifth grade and a boy who is two and a half years old. His wife is a nurse practioner.

Graduating from Dickinson State University in 1996, Hill double majored in Physical Education and Business Education.

Upon completing his own education, Hill accepted a position in Montana and spent one year there.

From there he accepted a position in Wilton, N.D. and spent five years there. In Wilton he was a teacher, and was the head coach of the boy’s basketball team. Eventually he migrated to the position of Athletic Director for the school, and was also named the Technical Coordinator.

After being there for five years he and his family moved on to pursue a job with the school in Hettinger, N.D.

Hill spent 12 years there, teaching Business for the first five years of his tenure with Hettinger Schools. The next five years Hill served as the principal and then he was hired as Superintendant and had served in that role for the last two years.

When asked what attracted him to the Mott/Regent opportunity Hill said there were a few things that appealed to him.

One aspect was the increased interaction he’ll receive with the students.

“Just getting to be more close to the kids,” Hill said.

As superintendent he had limited interaction with the students of his schools, and was excited to get more involved again. Hill said he didn’t mind the administrative duties of being superintendent, but that he did miss the interaction with the students.

Also, According to Hill, the principal’s role allows him to be able to spend more time with his young children, something he referred to as ‘an attractive’ piece to the situation in Mott/Regent.

Adding to the opportunity was the chance to get back into athletics as the Athletic Director.

Hill has been involved in athletics going all the way back to his playing days in college.

“I’ve pretty much been in athletics every year I’ve been in education,” Hill said.

Hill played basketball, baseball and golf in college. He has coached basketball for 20 years and has also previously been head coach of golf.

At this point there is a possibility he will step in to coach the girls basketball team as it is the one sport that currently doesn’t have anyone filling it, but no final decision has been made.

One hurdle he’s had to overcome early in his job with Mott/Regent is timing. Accepting the position late in the summer season Hill has had to work on the pressure of the start of school steadily approaching.

Benefiting him though is the fact that he is both principal and Athletic Director.

“Having your feet in both tanks kind of allows you to know what one side is doing and what the other side is doing and hopefully coordinate those,” Hill said.

Hill also said when he’s making the upcoming schedule, he’s more familiar with dates of both the educational calendar and the sports calendar, so he doesn’t have to double check with another person.

Though Hill didn’t set out to become a part of administrations in the education industry, he said it just kind of happened through volunteering to take on more and more responsibilities.

“I’m kind of a person that likes to help out, take on roles,” Hill said.

He also plans on bringing his past experiences to the new position when needed, but according to Hill, he needs to just get some more experience with the school.

“It’s just a matter of getting my feet wet, getting to know people and then kind of helping along that journey,” Hill said.

When asked about getting to know the school and community, Hill said “we’re really excited to be here.”

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