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His first bid for re-election was successful, as Marty Opdahl will be mayor of New England for at least one more term.

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Posted June 13, 2014

By COLE BENZ | Herald Editor |



Opdahl, Mosbrucker re-elected as mayor of New England & Mott

His first bid for re-election was successful, as Marty Opdahl will be mayor of New England for at least one more term. Opdahl was facing his first re-election campaign against former City Council member Allen Schmidt. According to Hettinger County Auditor Jeri Schmidt, Opdahl received 131 votes to 63 for Schmidt. There were also eight write-in names that were submitted.

Troy Mosbrucker also faced some competition as Ted Hardmeyer was running as a write-in candidate. Mosbrucker won with 182 votes over Hardmeyer’s 98.

The vote also had 5 write-in candidates submitted.

The results are unofficial, as the votes are canvassed until Monday, June 16.


Chris Fitterer re-elected to New England City Council

Chris Fitterer regained his seat on the New England City Council. He received 104 votes over his write-in opponent of Val Kitzman, who received 67 votes. Fitterer represents Ward 3 on the council.

Both Frank Schmidt and Shelly Wolf will be on the council again after both of them were running unopposed.

Ward 2 had no one on the ballot, but current councilman Butch Frank received the most write-in votes at 20, the next highest vote count went to Lisa Plaggemeyer who received eight votes.

The Park Board for New England had 40 different names written on the ballots that were submitted.

According to City Auditor Jason Jung, it will take some time to sort through all of the ballots.

Numbers are unofficial until an official canvas of the vote.


New England School Board sees new members elected

The New England School Board is going to look a little different as two people were unseated by their opponents.

Lynn Dvorak was unseated by Scott Monke. Monke, running as a write-in candidate received 235 votes, while Dvorak only amassed 77 votes.

Jeffry Hewson will also be a new face on the board, as he ran against Kristina Ehlis. Hewson got 225 votes and Ehlis received 101 votes.

Darren Rafferty was running unopposed receiving 270 votes, though there were write-ins for seven different people in his area.

The votes are unofficial until they can be properly canvassed, according to Tammy Volk, the New England School Business Manager.

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