Pretzer challenges incumbent Bowman for state senate seat

There are many polarizing differences between Stephanie Pretzer and Bill Bowman.

Bill Bowman, Stephanie Pretzer
Bill Bowman, Stephanie Pretzer

Posted June 6, 2014 By BRYCE MARTIN | N.D. Group Editor | There are many polarizing differences between Stephanie Pretzer and Bill Bowman. The most obvious is their gender. Next is their political party affiliation, their age, their hometown, their background and their ideals. While the primaries are more important for local issues, the two certainly will battle it out on the path to the general election in November. It will be a local battle for District 39 State Senator as Pretzer, a Democratic-NPL  party candidate from Scranton challenges incumbent Sen. Bill Bowman, a Republican of Bowman. Pretzer entered her name to run on the Democratic-NPL Party’s ticket to vie for the job as next state senator from the district, which includes Bowman, Adams, Billings, Golden Valley and Slope counties and portions of McKenzie and Dunn counties. In an interview earlier this year with the Pioneer, Pretzer said she understands the problems associated with the Bakken oil boom that face the area. She entered the race not wanting Bowman to go into the election unopposed. She also served as the District 39 Democratic Party leader. Bowman has been state senator since 1991 and serves as vice chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee. He also sits on the Budget Section, Agriculture, and Veterinary Medical Education Program Admissions committees. He also is a Bowman County commissioner. As the race towards the general election progresses, these two candidates will be fully detailed in the Pioneer.

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