The Kat’s meow, an interview with Kat Perkins

It’s been a whirlwind journey the past few months for Scranton native Kat Perkins. Perkins joined contestants on NBC’s “The Voice” in March and traded in her casual nanny garb for glamorous dresses, punky hairdos, and thigh-high leather boots.

Kat Perkins
Kat Perkins

Posted May 16, 2014

By BRYCE MARTIN | ND Group Editor |


It’s been a whirlwind journey the past few months for Scranton native Kat Perkins. Perkins joined contestants on NBC’s “The Voice” in March and traded in her casual nanny garb for glamorous dresses, punky hairdos, and thigh-high leather boots.

The Pioneer chatted with Perkins on Wednesday, just before she boarded a flight across the country.


Question: So it seemed to be a real emotional journey for you over the past few months. How did you keep up your spirits week after week?

Answer: Well it was just so great to have my family come out here every week and really boost the moral and give me some time to, you know, relax and just be normal. Their support carried me through the entire thing, especially my boyfriend and my sister, who consistently came out every week for me. That was just something that was priceless for me. And also keeping my own schedule out here with working out, eating right, staying healthy and getting enough sleep. That is how I did it.

Q: The outpouring of support from Scranton, the county, the whole state was just tremendous. Where you surprised by the reaction?

A: It was just immense; it was excitingly overwhelming. I would hate to say that I was (surprised) because I always

|believed that I had a really good fan base especially in North Dakota. But I was surprised to feel
all that love and it really did feel like the entire state got behind it at some point.  Watching all the newscasts that were happening and all the Team Kat shirts were amazing and seeing my grandpa’s yard with the big sign – that was just something that lifted me up and it really filled my heart up.

Q: What was the first thing you did after walking off stage last Tuesday (May 13)?

(Laughs) Have a beer. Can I say that?

Q: What kind?

A: I’m a Miller Light girl.  I felt like I totally earned it last Tuesday, absolutely.  But the other thing was just to sit down and eat with my family. It was just nice to have them here and eat and just decompress.

Q: You posted on Facebook right after that you’re going to be working on a record deal. Can you give us any hints on what is to come?

A: I promised everybody a few weeks back that, no matter how far I went, I would definitely do my best to stay headstrong in the business and record a record and start writing. I’m just going to put myself on a really tight timeline and try to have a single out there within the next six months or so and definitely start playing shows. I do plan to come to North Dakota for a big welcome home concert in the middle of August, we’re not confirmed yet, but that’s what we’re working on.

Q: Did you have any musicians reach out to you?

A: I got an awesome note from Reba McIntyre, of all people. She just said that she really enjoyed what I did on the show and she was really proud and she couldn’t wait to meet me some day.

Q: What was your favorite moment overall during the show?

A: I guess everything was my favorite; every week was my favorite. It was really awesome to have that last performance on Monday (May 12) when I sang two songs. I guess it really stands out to me that the kids I nanny got to come out for that show and I got to sing a song for them. That meant so much to me for them to come out because they are the reason why I auditioned for the show in the first place.

Q: What kinds of things did you and Adam Levine talk about off the air? Would you like to share any stories?

A: He is such a goofball. My favorite story, behind the scenes, is one day we were rehearsing and we were both really exhausted and burnt out, so he jumped behind the drums and started playing a Metallica song. I knew it so I sang and he played the drums and the band chimed in and we played a Metallica tune. He’s a huge goofball so it was hard for him to focus behind the scenes.

Q: What do you think was the biggest thing that you learned about yourself on this journey?

A: Unexpectedly, the biggest thing that I had to go through was just getting a tough skin and taking a lot of negative criticism on social media. You know, it just came out of nowhere and I guess I wasn’t prepared for that, so I think that is the biggest takeaway for me personally – how to handle it, ignore it and just keep moving on and keep my confidence up.

Q: The Pioneer did an interview with your father, Mark Perkins, a few weeks ago and he said that he wasn’t surprised that you made it so far because he always had high expectations for you. What kinds of things would he tell you right before you would go onstage?

A: He is like the king of one-liners. Before the blinds (auditions) the last thing he said was “turn all four,” which meant get a four-chair turn. He would email me these little things like “Dream it. Do it. You’re doing a great job” and always giving me the words of confidence that he’d always given me since I was a child.

Q: So what’s next for Kat Perkins?

A: I would like to continue in the music industry again after I took a huge break and became a nanny. I think I’m going to depart from the nanny job and try to go back into (music), stay relevant as long as I can and share new music with the fans that I had before the show and now all these new fans that I’ve gained while being on the show.

Q: It was a few years since your last album with Scarlet Haze. What happened between that time and now?

A: I didn’t do anything.  I actually got out of the business alltogether and became a nanny.

Q: Why did that happen?

A: I had vocal surgery. I had a cyst on my left vocal cord in 2011 and it just put an end to everything – I had to stop touring, I needed medical attention, I had surgery and I had to recover which took me a good six months to get strong again as a singer.

I worked on just rehabbing my voice and then I just was nannying and I loved it so I just did that full-time.

Then in the past year I was with Dirty Word when I started doing shows with them and being a weekend warrior with that band and playing club shows.

Q: You tried out for American Idol about 10 years ago and didn’t make it onto the televised competition.What do you think is the difference between that and what you did on The Voice?

A: I think the biggest difference is the moral and what they stand for. (The Voice is) a positive show as opposed to maybe a little bit more circus-like entertainment. They really lift you up in the show and they want you to do well, down to the very person that drives you to the studio everyday.

They weren’t out to make fun of you or make a joke out of you. They legitimately wanted you to do well as a singing contestant on their show and that felt good to know that it was never going to be anything negative or something that I didn’t want to be portrayed as on television.

Q: I know you’re about to catch a plane, but I want to thank you and congratulate you on your successes.

A: Absolutely. Thank you.

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