Kat Watch: How did Perkins do in the playoffs?

Monday night was Team Adam Levine’s turn at performances during the playoffs on NBC’s “The Voice.”

Kat Perkins performs on The Voice before advancing
Kat Perkins performs on The Voice before advancing

Posted April 18, 2014

By BRYCE MARTIN | Group Editor | bmartin@countrymedia.net

Monday night was Team Adam Levine’s turn at performances during the playoffs on NBC’s “The Voice.”

It marked yet another night Scranton’s Kat Perkins wowed the audience to their feet.

But it also was an emotional night for Perkins with her performance of “Open Arms” by Journey, which she dedicated to her father, Mark Perkins of Scranton.

Listening to classic rock bands such as Journey was likely an early influence for Perkins’ talent, Mark said in an interview Tuesday with the Pioneer.

“When she was younger and starting to show an interest in music, Journey was one of the bands I used to listen to a lot, probably with her sitting on my lap,” Mark said.

Following her piece, Perkins evoked wild applause from the audience and a standing ovation from Levine and judge Shakira.

“You should be very proud of yourself,” pop singer and judge Usher told Perkins as it came time for the judges’ remarks. “(It was) flawless.”

Shakira commended Perkins’ ability to make her powerhouse vocals seem effortless and that she was “on top of her game.”

Judge Blake Shelton was at a loss for words as he tried to find a way to critique her performance, ultimately handing it over to Levine, Perkins’ coach.

Levine said as the show approaches its ending, Perkins left nothing in her performance to criticize.

“There has not been a better performance than this thus far,” he said.

It was the conclusion of the night, however, that most captured the audience’s attention as Levine announced his three picks to compete in the upcoming live shows.

“Thank you for … taking me to another level,” Perkins said, adding that she was thankful Levine believed in her from the beginning.

Levine chose Perkins as one of three from his team making up the Top 12 and heading to the live performances.

Mark has been in constant contact with his oldest daughter, Kelly, who is in Hollywood alongside Perkins. He said he wasn’t informed about the dedication, but Kelly told him there was going to be a picture and to be ready for that.

“(We) let her know how support is out here and we send a lot of pictures and little short videos back and forth of things that are happening in our school and community,” Mark said.

One of Perkins’ strongest suits, according to her father, is that she remains grounded coming from a small town. She loves her community, he added.

“We’re just ecstatic. From now on it’s week to week, anything can happen. There are no secrets anymore – we don’t know anymore now than anybody else does,” he said. “Win, lose, or draw, she’s had so much exposure right now that I don’t think anything but good can come from it for her.”

Mark said he’s always had high expectations for Perkins so he never doubted her ability to progress this far into the competition but now, he said, he’s seeing the greater depths of Perkins’ talent, especially with her latest performance.

Throughout Perkins’ journey in Hollywood, Mark and his family have watched each show closely. Mark was present at one of the blind auditions, along with his brother Randi Perkins, but has otherwise watched his daughter’s progress from the comfort of his home.

As Perkins heads to the highly hyped live shows starting next week, Mark will, too, heading out to Tinseltown again to show his love and support and to embrace his daughter with open arms.

The live shows premiere next week, beginning at 6 p.m. MDT April 21.

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