Tigers and Cowboys Super Region matchup goes to overtime

Kevin Schaefer

Herald Editor

The New England Tigers girls basketball team hosted the Killdeer Cowboys in a Super Region 7 matchup Thursday. Feb. 20, 2014.

Published February 28, 2014

The Herald

Feb. 20, 2014. With only two region games remaining in the regular season, the Tigers needed only one victory for a guaranteed place in the Region 7 Tournament, and the remaining game is at Dickinson Trinity.

But the Cowboys proved a formidable foe.

Cowboy Head Coach Ashlee Viveros called upon Seniors Ashley Brew and Morgan Lemieux, Juniors Allison Scheetz and Jessica Star and Sophomore Codi Schaper to begin the game. The Tigers answered with Seniors Gabbi Hanson, Hannah Nordby, Autumn Wolf and Ashley Plaggemeyer and Junior Taylor Hewson.

Scheetz began the scoring for the Cowboys with a field goal and after a few ticks off the clock, a pair of free throws. The Tigers answered with four of their own in a similar manner through the hands of Nordby. Hewson knocked down a 10 footer and Jenna Ehlis followed with a trey. Starr added a field goal for the Cowboys and the first time-out was called with 3:26 showing on the clock and the Tigers with a 9-6 lead.

After the short break, Lemieux nailed another two and Starr added a three which took the Cowboys into the lead. Plaggemeyer pulled down an offensive rebound and missed her first put back, but hung in there, grabbed her own rebound and returned it for two and was fouled. She made the free throw. Brew scored a field goal and Ehlis stole the ball, took it to the coast for two and a free throw. The first quarter ended with a 15-13 Tiger lead.

The second quarter began very sloppily with both teams turning the ball over repeatedly. Hanson broke the trend with a trey after the first 3:28 of play. The next minute and a half of play saw many more missed shots or turnovers until Hewson scored two from six feet away from the bucket. The remainder of the first half saw a flurry of scoring as Starr nailed a two, Nordby a two, Lemieux a two and Hanson another three. Starr added two more points with a field goal, Nordby one from the line and Starr added another two to finish off the first half which left the girls rushing to the locker rooms with the Tigers leading 26-21.

Brew began the scoring in the third stanza with a field goal and Nordby quickly answered back with her own. After a Cowboy turnover, Nordby scored another field goal and Killdeer committed another miscue. Hanson notched another trey and on New England’s next possession rattled in another three-pointer. A 13-point Tiger lead. Turnover Cowboys, Turnover Tigers, Turnover Cowboys and Starr with a trey. Turnover New England, Starr for two and Ehlis with a three-point play brought the score to 39-30 and another time out with 2:28 remaining in the third. Nordby for two, Starr for two, Nordby for two and Scheetz with two more to close out the third and the Cowboys trailing 43-35.

Lemieux began the final quarter with a short field goal and Plaggemeyer knocked down a pair from the line. Ehlis added a free throw as the foul count continued to grow for Killdeer. Plaggemeyer scored from under the bucket and Jurnee Murray answered with a two. Starr added another two to her totals, Hewson nailed one from the line and so did Nordby. With 5:24 on the clock, New England led 47-41 and the Cowboys began their comeback.

Nordby scored another two, but Lemieux returned with her two and Eighth grader Sydney Anderson added a free throw. Nordby scored another two as did Scheetz and time was called with 3:01 on the clock and a 51-46 Tiger lead. Following the short break, Sheetz added another two and then a full court streak for another two, Ehlis added a free throw and the Tiger lead was cut to two. New England missed a pair of free throws, but not Scheetz who nailed both and the score was tied at 52 when the whistle blew.

Another jump ball in the center circle began the overtime. The Tigers committed a pair of turnovers, but Killdeer was unable to score and Plaggemeyer blocked an almost sure field goal from under the basket which rekindled the Tiger spirit. Nordby scored a free throw. Lemieux’s field goal gave Killdeer a lead, Nordby and Starr each scored a field goal and Nordby added another and a free throw. Nordby grabbed an offensive rebound, was fouled and knocked down the free throws to cement the Tiger victory.

New England 60, Killdeer 56, OT

Killdeer 13 21 35 52 56

NE 15 26 43 52 60

KILL. (56): Jessica Starr 20, Alison Scheetz 17, Morgan LeMieux 12, Ashley Brew 4, Jurnee Murray 2, Sydney Anderson 1.

N.E. (60): Hannah Nordby 25, Jenna Ehlis 13, Gabbi Hanson 12, Taylor Hewson 5, Ashley Plaggemeyer 3.

3-pointers: K 3 (Starr 2, Scheetz 1), NE 5 (Hanson 4, Ehlis 1). Fouls: K 25, NE 13.

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