Country Media mourns the loss of Driver

By Bryce Martin

Pioneer Editor

Country Media lost a valued member of its operations on Sunday.

Buddy O'Neal
Buddy O’Neal

Published February 27, 2014

The Herald

Buddy O’Neal was found at his home in New England after he passed away from natural causes. He was surrounded by his beloved two dogs.

O’Neal, 54, served for the last two years as the primary newspaper delivery driver for Country Media, which owns the Dunn County Herald, the Bowman County Pioneer, the Fallon County Times, the Adams County Record and the Herald of New England.

At O’Neal’s request, no memorial or interment services are to be held. His wish is to be cremated.

“Buddy was a genuinely kind man, with a strong work ethic,” said Carol Hungerford, director of administration for Country Media. “He took joy in his pets, known affectionately as “the girls.” And kept quiet watch over his fellow employees, helping with a gentle word or supporting hand, whenever he could. I will miss him.”

Earlier this month, the Adams County Record published a story about O’Neal’s love for animals in which he credited his canine companions, Annabelle and Lucy, for his recovery following a heart attack two years ago.

“When I got out of the hospital and home, Annabelle had lost her hair. She knew there was something wrong,” O’Neal said in the story. “I had to get better. I had to take care of my girls.”

Buddy rescued the seven-year old Annabelle from a puppy mill when she was 10 months old. Lucy, two, was saved from the pound a year-and-a-half ago.

“She is my little Freak,” Buddy said.




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