Libraries receives books

Hettinger County Farm Bureau has donated a book, “How did that Get in My Lunchbox?” by Christ Butterworth, to librarians Jennifer Greff in the Mott/Regent Elementary School Library and to Carol Herberholz in the New England Public School.

Published February 14, 2014

The Herald

The book explains the steps taken to raise the wheat to make the sandwich, milking a cow for cheese, how tomatoes, carrots, clementines and apples are grown before being sent to the stores, and what goes into chocolate chip cookies. The book is colorful, simple for young children to read and it can be used for various classes as well. The American Federation of Farm Bureau rated it as the Best of the Year book.

Marlene Kouba of Regent, President of the Hettinger County Farm Bureau, made the presentation to the schools.


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