Lousnn Dobitz retires from American Bank Center

By Becky Jacobs

The Herald

Louann has retired. I asked her what this meant and she said “no schedule to follow.” I thought, “How simply put and oh how right she is.”

Published Sept 6, 2013

The Herald

American Bank held an open house on Aug. 27, 2013 at the New England branch. Many well-wishers were there to celebrate with her.

Louann started at American Bank Center in 1980 and worked for three years when she decided to be a stay at home mom, the really hard job. She has raised three children, two boys and one girl. She has been serving the New England community as a teller since deciding to go back to work at American in 2003. To hear it from the community she has been more than a teller, she has also been their friend.

I walked around asking all there if they could describe Louann in one word, what would it be. I got friendly more than any other. There was also, happy, sweetheart, bubbly, dedicated, honest, smiles, comfortable (my favorite), treasure, reliable, precious, delightful and many other adjectives to describe this wonderful woman.

The president of the bank, Bruce Dolezal, said she would be missed greatly and has been a great asset for many years. He also commented that people like Louann don’t come around very often with her always positive customer attitude and taking things in stride. He then presented her with a beautiful musical clock from Britton Jewelers to honor her ten years of service. Cake and coffee were served to all.

Louann wanted me to be sure to tell everyone how much she will miss her coworkers and customers. I personally think it is the other way around; they will miss her more than she knows.

Congratulations Louann. Enjoy your simple, no schedule, retirement.


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