New England FFA Attends State Convention

The New England FFA attended their state convention on the 3rd -7th of June 2013 on the campus of NDSU.

Published July 12, 2013

The Herald

Students who attended were Veronica Dvorak, Alex Nielsen, Heather Kuntz, Lane Herberholz, Kara Stegner, Alex Witte, Hannah Nordby, Erin Ehlis, Taylor Hewson, Kennedy Kirschemann, Ty Nordby, Kjersten Stegner, Mason Petri, and Emily Ehlis. The students had a very educational and enjoyable week of contests, workshops, and speakers. Of course it wasn’t all work, they were able to go to two dances, the family fun center complete with go carts and mini golf, the student union with bowling and billiards, and just hanging out with their friends and making new ones. We had Kara Stegner run for a state office this year, but unfortunately she was not elected. She worked very hard and deserves recognition none the less. Two of the students, Alex Nielsen and Kara Stegner, also received their state degrees this year at the state convention. I would like to congratulate all of the students on a job well done and thank them for all of their hard work.

The ND FFA added a new feature to their website this year and if you would like to check out any of the sessions from this year’s convention you may stream them at home. Visit for more info.

As always if you would like to see more pics of the students and their awards visit our school FFA page at

activities/ffa/Mr. Krebs

NE FFA Advisor


Prepared Public Speaking: Veronica Dvorak-Silver

Job Interview: Lane Herberholz-Bronze

State Office: Kara Stegner-Not elected

Dairy Foods: Lane Herberholz-Gold, Ty Nordby-Bronze

Food Science: Silver Team:

Veronica Dvorak-Gold, Alex Witte-Bronze, Erin Ehlis-Silver, Kjersten Stegner-Silver, Mason Petri-Bronze

Floriculture: Silver Team:

Heather Kuntz-Silver, Hannah Nordby-Gold, Erin Ehlis-Silver, Kennedy Kirschemann-Bronze, Veronica Dvorak-Silver

Small Animals: Silver Team:

Heather Kuntz-Gold, Alex Nielsen-Gold, Ty Nordby-Bronze, Emily Ehlis-Bronze, Kennedy Kirschemann-DNP

Nursery/Landscape: Silver Team:

Hannah Nordby-Silver, Taylor Hewson-Silver, Kjersten Stegner-Silver, Emily Ehlis-Silver

Official Delegates: Alex Nielsen, Alex Witte

Talent: Erin Ehlis, Kara Stegner

10th Ag Mech: Taylor Hewson-Bronze

9th Ag Mech: Mason Petri-Gold

Officer Book: Kara Stegner-Gold

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