Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I’m against S.744 (Gang of 8 Immigration Bill).

Dear Editor:

I’m against S.744 (Gang of 8 Immigration Bill). It does nothing more than we did in 1986. Washington let us down then by not doing what Congress agreed to in principle – Secure the Border. I shouldn’t be surprised, after 73 years here, one must be resolved to the fact that common sense died with the New Deal and respect for, and the value of, the US Dollar went down the drain slowly but surely. For the last 70 years the government has encouraged a steady inflation rate of at least two to three percent and the only benefactor is the US Government because the Government gets to print it and spend it before the general public knows it is worth less.

Getting back to Illegal Immigration, I have read and been informed several time that 40 percent of the Illegal’s here have over stayed their visa’s. We know where they came from and where they landed so let’s track them down, as time permits, thank them for visiting and send they home, I don’t care what ties they have. Inform them if they want back in they have to go way back to the end of the line and they better have something to offer this country on the way back. I do not agree to a flood of green cards just because some vegetable farmer or slaughter house needs cheap labor. I’ll pay the price or do without. Next, Congress should pass a law with Teeth (the kind that draws blood) that says that the owner of any business or the top three executives of any corporation who hire any illegal immigrates will be fined $20,000 per illegal on the first incident and $50,000 per illegal and five years in prison hard time (no white collar punishment) the second time. Congress should pass a measure with the tools needed to verify everyone’s status that is looking for employment. Let’s get this situation corrected before it ruins the country.

I speak with confidence because all my family history indicates that my ancestors came through Ellis Island. My grandmother on my mother’s side and her brother came together from Norway. They went through all the tests and examinations but the brother was sent back to Norway because he reacted to a TB test. A year later he came back and passed all the tests. My question is, “What’s wrong with Legal immigration?”

Leon L Mallberg


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