Owen Blickensderfer is June Artist of the Month

By: Joyce Hinrichs

Owen Blickensderfer is the June Artist of the Month at the Mott Gallery of History and Art.

Owen Blickensderfer
Owen Blickensderfer

Published May 31, 2013

The Herald

Owen explains that he became interested in photography in college. Before digital, he reminded me. Having friends that were into photography, made him think he should take pictures of places he goes and places he may be one day. To quote Owen, “I might go to really cool places and I will want to remember them!” So he got into photography and as his interest increased, the more he learned of his own natural ability for the craft. He hasn’t taken any classes, but is self-taught. He kept reading up on it and learned on his own. “Whatever I could consume by reading, I learned as I went.”

Professionally, Owen use to sell pictures to the Herald, until they were taken over by a large company and they were no longer allowed to purchase such photos. “What is your special interest in photography?” was my next question. “Things that are common place, but I like to see them and photograph them at different angles. I am looking for different perspectives that you don’t usually think about,” was his response. Every trip he takes his camera and takes lots and lots of pictures. “Then I am able to remember the trips through my pictures,” he emphasized.



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