Gemmill wins essay contest sponsored by WIFE

Layne Gemmill was the first place winner in the statewide essay contest sponsored by North Dakota Women Involved in Farm Economics.Published May 24, 2013

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Layne Gemmill was the first place winner in the statewide essay contest sponsored by North Dakota Women Involved in Farm Economics. Layne, son of Mike and Jen Gemmill of Fordville, is a fourth grade student in the Fordville-Lankin school system. Second place went to Isabelle Northrop of Golva and the third place winner was Kane Unruh of Hebron. Each participant received a certificate and the winners received cash prizes for their efforts.

The theme of the contest was “Ways that Agriculture is in my Everyday Life” and students were asked to write at least 50 words on that topic. The three winners wrote very interesting versions of what happens to them each day that involves agriculture. “Each one brought out good points that were unique from each other. The judge had difficulty in making the final choices,” said Marlene Kouba of Regent who was the chairman of the contest.

Women Involved in Farm Economics is a grassroots organization committed to improving profitability in production agriculture. Contact Kouba at 563-4560 for more information about the nationwide organization.

Following is the winning essay.

Ways that agriculture is in my daily life

My grandpa has a farm two miles west of Fordville. I go out there pretty much every day. Feeder cattle are fed a mixed ration that has corn, distiller’s grain, corn screenings, beet pulp, and chopped hay and straw to help them grow to butcher weight.

• Corn is grown by the farmer as a crop. he farmer sells the corn to the ethanol plants to make ethanol to put in gas. My grandpa buys corn to feed cattle. Sometimes he uses corn screenings because the screenings don’t cost as much. My grandma uses corn syrup to make bars. Corn oil is used to cook and bake. We plant sweet corn and eat it. We have popcorn at my grandma’s house.

• Distiller’s grain comes from corn that a farmer has planted. The by product is used as feed.

• Sugar beets is grown by the farmer as a crop. The farmer sells them to the sugar beet plant. Sugar is made at the plant. We use sugar for baking and cooking. Sugar is used to sweeten foods like cereal, coffee, and fruit.

• Beet pulp is the extra part of the beet that is used to feed cattle.

We eat many types of beef including hamburgers, steak, and roast. The hide is used to make leather for footballs, boots, rugs, wallets, vests, and coats. The hooves are used in dog and cat food. Glue is made from the hide and connective tissue. The bones are used to make charcoal, fertilizer and glass. The cow’s brain is used to make medicine and anti- aging cream. We drink the cow’s milk to get strong bones. The milk is also used to make plastic, adhesives, medicines, and make-up.

Agriculture makes many products that we use every day. I was surprised to learn how many things can be made form one steer. I will think about it the next time I chew A piece of gum made from the fat of a cow!

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