The Cow and Farm Rescue

By Joyce Hinrichs

Here, folks, is a story with a two sided edge.

Photo by Joyce Hinrichs Richard Hintz is able to smile after Farm Rescue came to his aid.
Photo by Joyce Hinrichs
Richard Hintz is able to smile after Farm Rescue came to his aid.

Published May 10, 2013

The Herald

Farm Rescue and a cow. Seldom can one deem that to tangle with a rowdy cow and being injured by that cow, a good thing. But for Richard Hintz (of Bentley), it was truly a very good thing. As Richard’s foot injury was being examined the Doctor discovered not one

but two large aneurisms which were dangerously close to bursting! Thus, Richard was “probably” saved by this cow. It is planting season however and a thousand acres needed planting, so what to do, what to do?

Wife, Joan ,called Farm Rescue and without hesitation Farm Rescue arrived with their equipment and went to work seeding the one thousand acres of

Hintz land. Helping out along with Farm Rescue’s three volunteers Charley Barstch , Ervin Giesler and Rod Eckroth was Rick Hintz, Richards son, hired man, Shawn McFarland, and Richards wife, Joan.

Farm Rescue is a nonprofit organization that plant and harvests crops free of charge for farm families who have experienced a major injury or natural disaster. In our area, they have come to the aid of the Gene McDowell’s of Carson, the Marvin Jorstad’s of Regent and in the Hettinger area, the Irvin Nichs and the Bryan Vandenberg’s of Flasher. In eight years of rescuing farmers they have helped well over forty farmers in North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, eastern Montana and Minnesota. In their business statement it reads: “Farmers are strong, independent group of people and are sometimes hesitant to ask for assistance.

Farm Rescue is here to help and we all know that everyone needs a helping hand at one time or another in life. Please do not assume that someone else may need the

help more that you. Call 701-252-2017 or visit to apply for assistance, or refer a family in need.”The originations’ mantra is “Farm Rescue: here to help.

Many thank you notes of praise and gratitude are received by this organization and from Alissa Leier a poem:

We want to thank everyone

From the bottom of our hearts

But we don’t even know

Where the heck to start

So many people have

Done so much

You’ve made a huge impact

Instead of a little touch

We appreciate everything, everyone has done

More that words can say

We thank God for all of you

Each and everyday

From the Hintz farm these three volunteers will go on to help in South Heart, Richardton and Washburn.





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