Evaluation available for early entrance to school

Schools in southwestern North Dakota announce the availability of an Early Entrance Evaluation to determine whether those children whose sixth birthday falls between Aug. 1 and Dec. 1 may enter first grade this upcoming school year or whether those children whose fifth birthday falls between Aug. 1 and Dec. 1 may enter kindergarten this upcoming school year.

This evaluation is not compulsory for all children and any necessary costs must be borne by the parent or legal guardian. It is established to accommodate the results of parents having children that can demonstrate academic, social, and emotional readiness as compared to their proposed peer group. It is designed as a measure to meet individual differences in school readiness, providing an educational program and a method of acceleration for those who can profit by it.

Generally, however, most children will have the best chance for a successful school experience if they begin their school with children of their own age group at the normal time of entrance. The evaluation includes an assessment of each child’s mental maturity, social and emotional maturity, communication skills, and physical development. The evaluation has been approved by the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction.

Interested parents should contact the principal of the elementary school in their district of residency for an application. This may be followed by a parent interview and screening and/or assessment of the child. A written notification or parent conference will follow the assessment. Agreement is necessary on the part of all parties involved before the child will be admitted to the first grade or kindergarten as an early entrant in the upcoming school term.

Published 3/29/2013

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