Deputy resigns from Hettinger County

After serving as a Deputy for the Hettinger County Sheriff Department since August of 2010, Josh Monson has turned in his resignation.

Photo by Kevin SchaeferHettinger County Chief Deputy Josh Monson.
Photo by Kevin Schaefer
Hettinger County Chief Deputy Josh Monson.

Posted March 1, 2013

The Herald

Kevin Schaefer

Herald Editor

Monson stated that, “The decision was not an easy one to make, and my wife and I discussed the situation from every angle possible and this was our decision.” He also added, “The offer of the new job was just too hard to turn down.”

Josh has accepted an officer position with the Dickinson Police Department. He stated that it will be a 12 hour shifts position and no on-call duties. This will give him 15 days off per month and allow him to spend more time at home with his wife and growing family. There is a 14-month old little one at home and another on the way, who is due to arrive in a couple of months. Another plus for the new job was the substantial raise in pay.

Josh is currently finishing his EMT training and is scheduled to take the test and become certified in the next couple of months.

Monson purchased a home in New England when he began his employment with the Sheriff Department and he and his family plan on remaining in New England. After being a certified EMT, there will be one more person available to belong to the New England Ambulance and go on runs.

We all thank Deputy Monson for his service to Hettinger County and wish him luck in this new phase of his life.

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