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According to the “Blue Book,” the present structure of the New England Public School was built in 1955.

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Kevin Schaefer

The Herald

addition Kevin Schaefer Herald Editor According to the “Blue Book,” the present structure of the New England Public School was built in 1955. The actual construction cost of the main building was about $145,000 and the auditorium-gymnasium, cafeteria, bandroom, furnace room, showers and storage was an additional $50,000 and when the architect and legal fees are added in, then the total cost was $206,360.

The northeast wing which added a bandroom and four classrooms was constructed in 1962. At the same time, an agricultural classroom was added on the west end. In 1974, a science classroom and lab were added, and in 1984, a

metal addition was added to the shop which doubled its size. In 1985, a two-classroom unit and a storage room were build. One room is a classroom and one houses computers.

This last summer and fall, the entire school and gymnasium was re-roofed. And now, more construction is being planned.

A total of 5,035 square feet additions are being planned. Approximately a 36′ x 58′ addition is planned for the front entrance of the school on the south. This addition will have four offices.

Plans are for a superintendent office, a separate office for the business manager, a principal office and a fourth office for the school receptionist and the school counselor. Currently, the superintendent and office manager are sharing an office and that situation poses privacy issues. The present office will be converted into the teacher’s lounge and the teacher’s lounge will become the I.TV room. The I.TV room now is a large classroom and sometimes is tied up with only two or three students.

The other addition will be on the southwestern side of the school. The L-shaped structure will enlarge the library and add two classrooms. One for the fifth grade and one for the sixth. There are other exciting changes that are planned, which will be on a trial basis.

The front appearance will also be changed to a more modern look. The North Dakota Department of Instruction has to give its approval and the Bond Resolution has a 60 day timeline. The school board is not raising taxes for the project and construction bids will be let. Construction is hoped to begin as soon as the frost is out of the ground this coming spring.

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