New England Ambulance acquires Life Pack 15

The American Heart Association reports that a midwest affiliate of The American Heart Association secured $7.1 million in funding to implement Mission Lifeline.


Posted 12/6/12

Kevin Schaefer

The Herald

Mission Lifeline is a community based initiative to improve the care of heart attack patients within North Dakota. The money for this initiative primarily came from The Leona M. Helmsley and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust. The State of North Dakota committed $600,000, The Dakota Medical Foundation supported with $100,000 and The Otto Bremer Foundation also gave $100,000. The American Heart Association will invest over $430,000 to this initiative as well. Together Mission Lifeline is formed.

The Mission of Mission Lifeline…

The goal of Mission Lifeline is to provide funding to:

1. Help every ambulance service in North Dakota have at least 1 heart monitor that is capable of taking a 12 lead ECG’s.

2. The ability to transmit these 12 lead ECG from the monitor in the field to the ER physician at the hospital.

3. Training for recognition of heart attacks in the field and use of the the 12 lead monitor to it’s capabilities.

Heart disease is at the top of the list for health problems and we just continue to see an increase year after year. Early recognition and treatment is paramount for the best possible patient outcome. Having these monitors allows the Ambulance personnel to see what is going on with the heart. These monitors also have the ability to transmit the information from the field to the receiving hospital via a modem built into the monitor. A physician at the receiving hospital can get this information and make appropriate healthcare decisions before the ambulance even arrives at the ER. Time is tissue with the heart so early detection and treatment is a must to preserve heart tissue. Mission Lifeline has given our ambulance and every other ambulance in North Dakota the ability to to do this through training and funds to acquire the monitors thus improve upon our patient care.

New England Ambulance and Mission Lifeline

Through Mission Lifeline New England Ambulance received $20,000 for a new Life Pack 15, 12 lead monitor, modem and data package. New England Ambulance had been saving it’s pennies and along with $5,600 from the Ed Schwartz Memorial we were able to purchase a second Life Pack 15, 12 lead monitor at a discounted rate. Now both of New England’s Ambulances have these monitors and the capability to transmit this valuable information to the hospital. This Mission is far from over as the equipment and training is still being dispersed and implemented throughout our state. Area hospitals also received funding to be able to get the equipment and computer programs needed to be able to receive the transmissions. While we still need to be patient while everyone gets up and running, this is an extremely valuable ability given to us we look forward to using this with our patients, and serve the community.

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