Mott Urgent Care Clinic

Mott now has an Urgent Care Clinic, located at 206 E. 2nd Street and manned by P.A.C. Burckhardt who is partners with Dr. Frederick Mosley, M.D. of Dickinson’s Work Partners Clinic, owned by Mosley and located at 653 19th St SW in Dickinson.

Photo by Joyce Hinrichs
William Burckhard, PA and office manager Theresa Bockhoff.

Posted 11/14/12

Joyce Hinrichs

The Herald

Mott now has an Urgent Care Clinic, located at 206 E. 2nd Street and manned by P.A.C. Burckhardt who is partners with Dr. Frederick Mosley, M.D. of Dickinson’s Work Partners Clinic, owned by Mosley and located at 653 19th St SW in Dickinson. Both Burckhard and Mosley are serving in their fields as independent of any hospital affiliations.

I stopped by and visited with William Burckhard, who prefers to be called Bill, should you meet him. My first question was “why Mott?” Bill tells me that he moved here in April to work in the Dickinson’s, Work Partners Clinic handling oil field medical needs. He works in partnership with Dr. Frederick Mosley, M.D. who has done oil field medical care for more than 20 years.

Several times since he has located in Mott, his neighbors have asked for his help with care after hours, when their other options would have been a very long drive in the night to Hettinger or Dickinson. “I have always had a dream of working in a small community, so why not make myself available to fill this need”, he continues. I am from Grand Forks, a military child of an Air Force family. I served in the military, in the army and was lucky enough to be one of 45 applicants out of 900 who applied for to be accepted into the Army’s P.A. program. Trained in Texas through the University of Nebraska, and served in our battle fields of Iraq, Bosnia, Alaska, Korea etc. I am a North Dakota Licensed Physician Assistant and Army Veteran and have Emergency Medicine and surgical experience and training”

“Dr. Mosley and I in our work at “Work Partners”, began to see more and more that with the safety practices now put in place by the oil companies, the need was more for “ telephonic care” and less and less in-patience clinic care. Now with all our technology a telephone can be used to see and handle the emergencies and the in-field care giver can provide that service. I expressed my longtime desire to work in a small community to Dr. Mosley, and he said, “so let’s see if we can make that dream happen!” “I assure you that I am not here to take away any patience’s or clients from the area clinic or hospitals, but would rather be here to help when they are not available.

Asking about the dental care listed in the ad in the Eido Connect, Bill explained that P.A.’s working in the fields with our service men where dentist are not available on the front lines, are trained in all basic “control and repair ” dental needs, to make the patience comfortable until they can see a dentist. He gave an example, of an incident of an oil worker who accidently hit himself with a large pipe, pushing a front tooth up and out of its natural location on a weekend. With his training he was able to relocate the tooth into is proper place, provide a temporary splint on that tooth, and make the worker comfortable until the dentist was open on Monday.

Asking him about his office fees listed in his brochure,Bill tells me that due to so many neither having insurance nor being able to afford medical insurance these days, they came up with a reasonable fee which would cover the office visit and the care given to the patience. Medications are of course an additional cost. Working with our local pharmacy he provides just enough medication needs to the patience until that patience sees their own doctor and is given a prescription. The medication charges are usually minimum at $5.00 or less.

House calls are also provided when needed and they are exploring possibly setting up a “Concierge” program in the future. Concierge service would be provided as an “all services” fee, to which the patience would receive regularly, such as a family wanting patience care service for an elderly relative not ready or wanting to be moved to an elder care center,etc. Lots of insurance companies now pay for concierge services. This type of program would also include children and children’s needs, again on a regular basis for a monthly fee” We are trying get back to families having their own private physician again. Bill added that they are looking at a Home Health Aid to join this service as well. This is where we are hoping to go in time”.

Dr. Mosley comes down to the office monthly, reviews patience charts and Bill and Dr. Mosley talk daily about Bills patience’s as well. Bill also goes up to Dickinson and works with Dr. Mosley at the Work Partners Clinic twice a week.

Theresa Backhoff, office manager, also lives in Mott having come from Bismarck joining Burckhard and Mosley in May of this year. The building, owned by Ed Grunett of Hazen, is presently being remodeled and updated to medical needs. Expansion in to other small communities is being considered as a possible sometime in the distant future. A telephone interview was held with Dr. Mosley, who advised that his monthly schedule here at the Mott clinic has yet to be decided on and he added that he has worked with Bill and found him to excellent in the field of urgent and emergency care. He looks forward to helping Bill see his desire to work with small communities become real.

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