Visit to the Hettinger County Court House

November, of course, is a very busy month at our courthouse humming with the added work of this year’s election.

Photo by Joyce Hinrichs
Hettinger County Auditor Roy Steiner and Deputy Auditor Jeri Schmidt.

Posted 11/08/12

Joyce Hinrichs

The Herald

November, of course, is a very busy month at our courthouse humming with the added work of this year’s election. County Auditor, Roy Steiner added a new Deputy Auditor to the staff. She is Jeri Schmidt, long time City Auditor for Mott. Jeri tells me, “I have a lot of information to learn and I look forward to and am excited to learn this new job starting especially starting with this year’s elections.” Asking County Auditor, Roy Steiner about training his new Deputy, he explains, “I like to start slow, because if you try to dump everything on the new person at once, it becomes a ball of confusion. “Schmidt will assume Steiner’s position at the end of March 2013, when Steiner retires to become the new Hettinger County Auditor.

Sylvia Gion, Clerk of Courts office, reports finally receiving two checks from Consolidated for easement work in placing fiber-optics in our county. One check in the amount of $3400 and another for $2200, all which goes into the county’s General Fund.

Moving on to the Hettinger County Sheriff’s department, Sheriff Warner tells me that applications are now being received for one more county deputy to join the force. The new deputy will be hired and start to work in the new year bringing the office up to five deputies for our county and bringing help to the now much overloaded department staff.

Hettinger County Extension Administrative Secretary, Charlotte Meier reports, “Hettinger County 4-H Round-Up will be held Nov. 18th at 2 pm at the Regent Legion Hall. Current members of the 4-H will receive awards for their year’s work and new potential families are invited to see what 4-H is all about. We have also started something new this year called a “Friend of 4-H” award which will also be presented at the round-up. Then, a series of sessions the Hettinger County Extension office is conducting will begin Nov. 29th called ‘Farm Transition Planning Program.’ It will be conducted in three separate weeks at the Mott/Regent High School IVAN room. It is a program to help you create a plan for your farm/ranch business that will provide for an orderly and successful transfer of assets and management responsibilities to future owners in a manner that help accomplish the goals of all individuals/entities involved.”

Each department reports a continuing increase in the work load, due to continuing growth in our county.



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