The election is history and the people have spoken

The weather cooperated and the roads were fine for last Tuesday’s nationwide General Election.

Mike Schatz was reelected as District 36 Representative.

Posted 11/8/12

Kevin Schaefer

The Herald

The weather cooperated and the roads were fine for last Tuesday’s nationwide General Election. In North Dakota 324,597 voters (60.93%) went to the polls, voted absentee or early, out of a possible 532,776 voting age individuals.

Hettinger County’s turnout was better than that of the state as 1,379 voted out of a possible 2029 for 67.96 percent. Slope County did even better as 452 voted out of a possible 563 for 80.28 percent.

President Barack Obama was re-elected to another four year term. In North Dakota, Romney (R) received 187,586 votes and Obama (D) received 124,490.

In the races for state offices:

North Dakota Governor and Lt. Governor:

Jack Dalrymple

& Drew Wrigley (R) 199,769

Ryan Taylor

& Ellen Chafee (D) 108,622

State Auditor:

Robert Peterson (R) 188,133

Scott Kelsh (D) 112,410

State Treasurer:

Kelly Schmidt (R) 196,295

Ross Mushik (D) 101,441

Insurance Commissioner:

Adam Hamm (R) 191,326

Tom Potter (D) 110,694

Public Service Commissioner:

Randy Christman (R) 163.969

Brad Crabtree (D) 123,546

Superintendent of

Public Instruction:

Kirsten Baesler 153,615

Tracy Potter 124,373

Justice of the Supreme Court:

Daniel Crothers 250,878

Write Ins 2,132

The race in District 36 saw the Republicans coming out with a clean sweep.

District 36 State Senator:

Kelly Armstrong (R) 5223

Rich Brauhn (D) 1776

District 36 State


Alan Fehr (R) 3.458

Mike Schatz (R) 4,380

Bev Berger (D) 1,899

Shirley Meyer (D) 3,213

Southwest District Court No. 1:

Zane Anderson 16,231

Write Ins 152

Southwest District Court No. 3:

Dann Greenwood 10,739

Tom M. Henning 7,028

Supervisor, Soil Conservation District – Slope/Hettinger Soil:

Stuart Nielsen 1,011

Write Ins 35

Hettinger County:

County Commissioner Dist. 1:

John Plaggemeyer 1,151

Write Ins 26

County Commissioner Dist. 3:

Ron Friedt 1,187

Write Ins 17

Home Rule Charter:

Yes 737

No 435

Slope County:

County Commissioner Dist. 2

Scott Ouradnik 273

Len Sadler 148

County Treasurer-Unexpired 2 Year Term:

Colleen Germann 403

Write Ins 3



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