New England outlasts Bowman County

The New England Tigers volleyball team played host to the Bulldogs from Bowman County the evening of Oct. 15th in a non-district matchup.

Photo by Kevin Schaefer
Bryanna Rasch follows through after returning the ball as Gabbi Hanson observes.

Posted Oct. 18, 2012

Kevin Schaefer

The Herald

The New England Tigers volleyball team played host to the Bulldogs from Bowman County the evening of Oct. 15th in a non-district matchup.

Bulldog Head Coach Jettie Swenson named Haley Sabe, Nicole Carlson, Kaitlin Dix, Sierra Irons, Brittany Hansey and Morgan Woodley as her starters for the evening.

The Tigers starters were Taylor Hewson, Hannah Nordby, Bryanna Rasch, Ashley Plaggemeyer and Erin Volk.

The Tigers stunned the bewildered Bulldogs to begin the first game as they jumped to a quick 6-1 lead. A pair of aces by Volk added another spark for New England and a block by Plaggemeyer took the lead to 9-1. Trailing 10-2, the Bulldogs called a time out in an effort to regroup. Bowman County scored the next two points. Hewson got a kill, Smyle a block and a kill by Rasch took the score to 12-6. Hewson’s strong serve went untouched by Bowman and the ball was called out. A kill by Gabbie Hanson and another kill from Rasch took the score to 15-7. Smyle was credited with a kill and both teams started to play ball. Volleying back and forth with many superb digs made for great entertainment for the fans as neither team attempted to give their opponents another point. Nordby and Dix each scored on kills and the Bulldogs kept gnawing at the Tiger lead. A net serve by the Tigers narrowed the gap 19-15. More miscues by New England allowed Bowman three more points. Gabbi was credited with a kill and an ace and the Tigers were whistled for a carry and the Bulldogs just would not go away. Irons had a nice save to keep the ball in play and a kill by Rasch finally brought the victory to the Tigers.

Woodley began game two with a pair of aces, but her third failed to land inbounds. Gabbi’s kill tied the score 2-2 and Irons had another dig. Dix’s kill and Smyle’s block tied the score 6-6. The Tigers slowly earned a four point lead 15-11 and the Bulldogs started chipping away at it and another kill by Smyle bought her team ever closer. Plaggemeyer’s kill and an ace by Nordby re-ignited the Tigers as they went on a five point run. Several strong slams finished off the Bulldogs in game two.

The third game was all Bulldogs as they took a narrow early with strong play by Hansey and Smyle. The Tigers struggled to keep up until the score was 9-7 with the Bowman lead. A kill by Smyle, a kill by Carlson and strong play at the net led the way to a 16-3 run that stampeded the Tigers.

Rasch began game four with a kill and Volk with an ace and a whistle against the Bulldogs for carrying the ball took the Tigers to a 3-0 lead. A miss-serve by New England, two kills by Hansey and another from Smyle allowed Bowman a 6-4 lead. Maddi Hanson’s ace and a block and a kill from Rasch spirited a spurt from New England. An overhead not-looking kill by Hansey brought the score to 9-5, New England. A 16-6 run by the Tigers led by the underclassmen put the finishing touch on the evening.

Bryanna Rasch led both teams in kills with 12, Morgan Woodley in assists with 20, Erin Volk in aces with four Sierra Irons in digs with 18.

NE 25 25 10 25 3

BC 23 17 25 11 1


BC — Kills: Macy Smyle 9, Kaitlyn Dix 5, Nicole Carlson 5. Blocks: Brittany Hansey 2, Smyle 2. Assists: Morgan Woodley 20. Digs: Sierra Irons 18, Haley Sabe 11, Rebecca Fisher 5. Aces: Woodley 3, Hansey 3.

NE — Kills: Bryanna Rasch 12, Taylor Hewson 8, Gabrielle Hanson 3. Assists: Hanson 12, Erin Volk 11. Digs: Volk 10, Hanson 7, Hannah Nordby 4. Aces: Volk 4, Hanson 3, Nordby 2.


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