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Dear Editor: I am writing a letter to the editor regarding Measure 5 in North Dakota. Posted October 12, 2012

The Herald

At 1st glance, after reading the measure I had emotion go through me, malicious acts when read as such, invoke awful feelings, sickening feelings.

Upon reading it again I wondered to myself why it only covers cats, dogs and horses. Strange, certainly there are more animals in North Dakota.  As I went through it again, I wondered, does this really happen in North Dakota. I have never heard of some these malicious acts and in fact didn’t understand what some of them meant like exsanguinates. I did some research and talked to my veterinarian. In fact, I found that since 1991 of 24 reported animal abuse cases in North Dakota: 22 of these cases entailed abandonment, neglect and starvation.  None of these issues are even covered in this Measure 5.

My veterinarian then informed me of the NDRAC (NDan’s for Responsible Animal Care) work and that this measure 5 would impede all the work that ND professionals have put into animal welfare legislation. I am also concerned about the lack of definition of ballot measures especially when it comes to complex issues. Being a pet owner and one that has fostered dogs from our local rescue group, this measure concerns me. So I read up on the ballot measure proponents information. They seemed like a good group of people that are indeed concerned about cats, dogs and horses. Their 2 main selling points are: no current felony law in ND regarding malicious acts to cats, dogs and horses and that ND is 1 of 2 states that do not have these laws.

Ok, but something jumped out at me I found references to HSUS involvement in the measure. Whoa. HSUS is Humane Society of the United States. They are a Washington DC based radical animal rights group that isn’t your local animal shelter. In fact upon reviewing HSUS further I find they only give less than 1 % of their multi-million dollar budget to local animal shelters with the funds designated for spay/neuter and or euthanasia programs. They spend the majority of their money on fundraising, salaries, pension, litigation and propaganda.  In fact they are suing USDA regarding beef and pork checkoff. Now my red flags are up. How involved are they?  Upon looking at ndstopcruelty web domain I find that HSUS owns the domain. It has a Washington DC address as the domain owner.  HSUS mandate is to end animal agriculture, ban hunting and fishing and I quote their CEO “I don’t want to see another dog or cat born” Wayne Pacelle. What are they doing on this measure? I know they don’t support local animal shelters.

NDstopcruelty people have said they wanted this measure to be “passable” and will add to it later. What are they adding? What are they hiding? Further research and some points of contact I found that HSUS people that were working on initiatives in Missouri and were defeated by the Missouri people because of campaign deception. Some have moved to North Dakota to work directly 1st on petitions for this poorly worded measure but also to promote it. I see they have celebrity endorsements which are classic HSUS style of campaigning. As I have researched further into this HSUS involvement I found that the wording was similar to the 2002 Arkansas Animal Cruelty Initiative that was sponsored and endorsed by HSUS.

Arkansas people seen through their deception and was able to come together and beat the initiative 68-32. So my questions are why is HSUS coming to ND and attempting to write our laws? Why are they running a campaign on issues that rarely if ever occur in the good state of North Dakota? I am certainly for animal welfare but let the good people and professionals of North Dakota work with our legislators to finish the NDRAC legislation that is nearly complete. Vote No on Measure 5 and keep “out of state” radical groups from inserting their narrow agendas in our business.

Kevin Tyndall
P.O. Box 249
Cando, N.D. 58324


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