Dakota West Credit Union undergoing changes

The Dakota West Credit Union in New England has been undergoing many changes in the last couple of months.

Kevin Schaefer

Herald Editor

Posted Sept. 28, 2012

Not a remodel project or a new painted building, but personnel wise.

Long time teller Cheri Bautz resigned and became employed by the Enchanted Castle in Regent. Loan Officer Lavy Steiner resigned after serving her customers since April of 2011. Stacy Miller of Amidon, N.D. has recently been splitting her time between New England and Bowman and Barbra Burley has been hired as a teller.

Barbra, a native of Wyoming, spent her junior year of high school at Campbell County High School in Gillette and earned her GED from Wyoming in 2005. In October of 2009 she earned a certificate for successfully completing a correpondance course “Writing for Children and Teenagers” and is currently enrolled in the advanced course with the Institute of Children’s Literature in Connecticut. During the period from December of 2007 to December of 2010, Colt, her husband’s job moved them around which made it difficult for her to hold a permanent job. Barb was a bartender/Waitress in Fort Laramie, Wyo., an office temp and an assembly line worker constructing rocket kits in Canon City, Colo. and an Avon Products Representative at various locations. Most recently, she was employed by two different State Farm Agencies in Dickinson. Burley currently holds a North Dakota State Insurance License for property and casualty; life and health. Barbra reported that, “The banking business is alot more enjoyable than the insurance business.” Stop into Dakota West Credit Union in New England and meet Barbra, Stacy and Toni and they might just give you a sucker.

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