Zich is Leadership Excellence winner

Mott council member Dale Zich was presented a 2012 Leadership Excellence Award at the North Dakota League of Cities’ centennial celebration and annual conference Sept. 20-22 in Grand Forks.

Dale Zich has served on the Mott city council for more than 20 years.

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Posted September 28, 2012

Zich has served on the city council more than 20 years and was instrumental in developing Mott’s home rule charter. He served on the park board 10 years, golf club board 12 years and as an EMT for 15 years. He built the first ice skating rink in Mott’s park system, ran the bowling alley to keep it open and helped organize the trap shooting club. He served on the local cooperative board for 16 years and is the current president of the equity exchange board. He is a past fire chief and has served on the volunteer fire department for 35 years.

Zich was joined by family members for the award ceremony in Grand Forks on September 22.

The Leadership Excellence Award honors a municipal official’s accomplishments and quality of service as a city official.

The North Dakota League of Cities provides services and gives voice to the collective concerns of the state’s 357 cities. The Leagues mission, “Service, advocacy, leadership education and support,” expresses the many programs and services offered by the League.


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