First Annual Benefit Motorcycle Ride

Shirley Halverson, with her camera and I with my “interview recorder” went “amongst them” at the…

The ‘Poker Run’ was held to benefit Skylar Gion who is battling Cerebral Palsy. – Photo by Shirley Halverson

Joyce Hinrichs

The Herald

Posted Sept. 21, 2012

Shirley Halverson, with her camera and I with my “interview recorder” went “amongst them” at the First Annual Benefit Motorcycle Ride for Skylar Lynn and Cerebral Palsy at the Regent Park on Sept. 8th. It was a beautiful, overwhelming and a great example of how many people care. If they had heart and a motorcycle they came, if they could bake pies and liked chili and had heart, they came.

As just one example; Thomas and Candice Warner from Bismarck, ND came on a 1995 Honda Goldwing 20th Anniversary Addition, Special Addition, they had just picked up Monday with only 400 miles on the speedometer and rode it down just for this. “We saw it in the Bismarck paper and like helping people out. We are just independent riders. It’s what we like to do.” Time and time again the story was the same. “I just came to see if I could help”, was the anthem of day. Locals and strangers alike all there for the one cause, from Bismarck, Fargo, Dickinson and so many others place. Distant was not an issue that day, just the opportunity to lend a helping hand where needed.

Skylar and her sister Eva started the poker run, behind the Hettinger County Sheriff, Sarah Warner and Hettinger County Deputy Sheriff, Josh Bullinger in the Humvee. The next day I visited with Sylvia, and she advised “Everyone’s hard work and efforts were extremely appreciated. All donations are not in but we are very close to $9,000.00 raised for Skylar and Cerebral Palsy. Yeah!!!!!! We are hoping that all the Riders had a great time, we sure did. We are already planning for next year.”

I must add a bit which probably went unnoticed among such generous people, but it caught my eye. Good begets good. As an option as part of the event the Gion’s quietly requested bears for children in area hospitals, and the bears arrived! One bear so large it was bigger than Skylar herself! (Photo attached). But let’s not stop there, no, let me tell you about a donation all the way from Kitale, Kenya, South Africa. Seems Lindsay Erhardt works in Fargo with Dawn Groh, family member of the Gion clan. Lindsay and her husband living a year in Kitale started a program among the tribe’s single mothers to help them support their children where they make beautiful jewelry to sell. Dawn told Lindsay of the First Annual Motorcycle ride for Skylar and Cerebral Palsy, and she donated many pieces of the African jewelry to the event. One cause helping to support another, hand in hand in caring. What a great ending to a great day!

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