New Youth Pastor at Mott Assembly of God Church

Angie Nible is the new Youth Pastor at the Mott Assembly of God Church.

Elijah, Angie, Morgan, Cameron and Emanual with Heaven in his lap. – Submitted photo

Joyce Hinrichs

The Herald

Posted Aug. 31, 2012

Angie Nible is the new Youth Pastor at the Mott Assembly of God Church. She and husband, Greg have recently returned to his Grandmother Schauer’s family farm where Greg, “who is a farmer at heart,” Angie explains, wanted to return to the family and work with his uncle. Greg has also done excavation in Spearfish where she taught at the Spearfish Classical Christian School. Grandma Schauer’s home and farm is very familiar to the family, as they have spent holidays and family visits there in the past.

Angie, who is originally from British Columbia met and married Greg in South Dakota. As she explains, “it was like an old movie; farmer meets and falls in love with the young “school teacher. Angie got her teaching degree at Trinity Bible College in North Dakota. She has taught for some 18 years now and now looks forward to taking this first year making their new home in North Dakota, to home school her own children and just focusing on family and farm. Greg and Angie working with in the Foster Care program in the past have adopted three of their five children. She describes each of her children, Emanuel, the oldest is 14 years old and shy and studious. He loves science and math and is a wonderful older brother to his siblings. Next in line is Elijah. Elijah, 11, is ecliptic, loves all activities, athletics and animals and plays the guitar. Cameron, age 6, is the first of the adopted children and is full of joy and curiosity. Heaven, age 4, also adopted, is the oldest girl. She is our loving, easy child. Morgan, 2, the youngest is my wild crazy one and keeps the family hopping.


The job she says, “Just sort of fell into her lap”. Attending the Mott Assembly of God church, they were looking for a youth pastor and she has always loved working in her church and with children. She and the church staff are preparing a new curriculum which will include a non-denominational Weds evening; Bible based class, which will teach the children about different countries and subjects such as respect, authority, telling the truth, etc. At the first class the children will receive their passport and as they learn about respect, will also learn about the country of England. An announcement will be made in the newspaper when they are ready to start these classes. She adds that they want to get the program up and running as fast as possible.


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