Wildfire Baseball finishes the season on fire

The 2012 Baseball Season ended officially July 22, 2012 with a picnic and a challenge playoff with their parents which ended in a tie after six innings.

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Coach Seth Fisher

Posted Aug. 24, 2012

The 2012 Baseball Season ended officially July 22, 2012 with a picnic and a challenge playoff with their parents which ended in a tie after six innings. Fisher reports on each team individually:

Tee-Ball: This program finished the year with a perfect record of 3-0. These youngsters played three different teams and were always eager to play the game. The Tee-Ball team defeated New England on two occasions and then concluded the season by beating Grant County at home. In that contest, Matt Huether made a great catch at the pitcher’s mound with the bases loaded to help the Wildfire secure their final win of the season! Overall, this group really improved upon their baseball skills (i.e. fielding ground balls and catching pop-fly’s) throughout the course of the season and every member was hitting the ball at the season’s conclusion.

Midgets: This coach-pitch division of baseball players also had a really nice finish to their baseball season. This particular group of athletes is rather young and will return all but two players to next year’s team. This age division finished the year with an overall record of 12-10 and placed 3rd in the Regional Tournament. During the tournament, the Wildfire started off pool play by beating New England and then falling to Bowman County. Ryan Doe powered the Wildfire defense as he made several key stops at second base and even turned a double play! This made them enter the tournament bracket as, the #2 seeded team! During bracket play, the Wildfire beat Hettinger in extra innings to stamp their ticket to the semi-finals. However, they once again faced a tough Bowman County team and lost by a score of 12-16. All of these individuals made great strides throughout the season and are anxious to play again next year!

Little League: These boys really worked hard throughout the duration of the baseball season. With only ten participants, all of these boys saw ample playing time and really had to work hard as a team! This group finished the year with an outstanding record of 22-8 and battled their way to a 2nd place finish in the Regional Tournament. The Wildfire didn’t start the tournament out on a great note, losing their first game to the Scranton Miners and were bumped into the must win losers bracket. Nonetheless, these boys quickly regrouped and bounced back into a four game winning streak! Hunter Koepplin pitched a gem and led the Wildfire past defending champion, Bowman County, in a must win contest. On day two, a variety of Wildfire pitchers (Issac Frey, Cody Perkins, and Tanner Zentner) helped to keep the season alive by securing wins over New England, Lemmon, and Scranton. The Wildfire then fell to a much older Hettinger team in the championship game! This team is young and will return with all but two players for next season’s team. Congratulations to these boys on a great season record and outstanding performance at the Regional Tournament!

Girls Softball: These girls had the luxury of hosting this year’s Regional Softball Tournament. They came into the tournament with an overall record of 10-2 and ended up finishing the tournament with a dramatic championship victory, en-route to an overall season record of 12-3. The Bill Fisher Memorial Softball Tournament was held in Mott on Wednesday, July 18th. Three different teams were eligible for tournament competition and it was a softball filled day! The Wildfire ended up beating Bowman County in their first pool play game; then fell in the second game to a different Bowman County team. Ellie Messmer was the Wildfires go to pitcher and accumulated several strike outs on the day! In the championship game the Wildfire were behind from the start and could never seem to pull within more than two runs difference. Wildfire’s luck changed in the bottom of the fifth inning. It was the final inning of play and the Wildfire was down by a score of 4-6. The Wildfire had already quickly accumulated two outs and had two runners stranded on base. Sabrina Kienzle made a huge, triple base hit up the middle of the field that scored two runs and had the Wildfire back within striking distance. Next Jenessa Zentner, the team’s youngest member, hit a blooper which dropped in behind the pitcher which allowed the game winning run to score! These girls had a great season and were happy with their first place tournament finish

American Legion: The American Legion Baseball team (A.K.A The Highway 21 Ducks) continued to improve during their second year of competitive play. These boys had a busy summer schedule and were still able to find time for their baseball games! This year’s team made great progress and has really developed since last season! These boys were able to capture a 1st place finish within the District and then went on to place 4th at the Regional Tournament in Beulah last week. In Regional Tournament play, McCahen Schweitzer used his off speed pitching to defeat the Hettinger Bears by a score of 9-2. Next, the Ducks were set to face a tough Washburn team, ending up losing after five innings of play. The Ducks weren’t done yet. Taylor Zentner pitched a nearly flawless game against Beach on day two, en-route to a 9-4 Highway 21 victory. Finally, the Ducks were set to face Beulah in a must win game! The Cyclones proved to be too powerful and they ended up winning the contest by a score of 1-11. Overall, the Highway 21 Ducks accomplished an 8-13 record on the year and were able to compete with some of the region’s top teams! Look for the Ducks to return most of the players from this season to next year’s team. They only lose two players to age eligibility! Thanks to all contributing businesses and sponsors for your support this season, it was greatly appreciated!

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