Industrial Commission approves Hettinger County Saltwater Disposal well

A proposed saltwater disposal well has been approved in rural Hettinger County, but a state regulator says he doesn’t expect it will be used right away.

Kunze Township Chairman Doug Fitterer and Vice President Don Urlacher listen to the concerns of their neighbors at the informational meeting in an attempt to halt the permitting. – Photo by Kevin Schaefer

Posted Aug. 24, 2012

North Dakota’s Industrial Commission voted Tuesday to grant a permit to drill the well northwest of New England.

Some neighbors near the well site have protested the project. They say it’s unfair to handle oilfield waste without the benefits of production. There isn’t any oil drilling in the area yet.

Department of Mineral Resources Director Lynn Helms says Mann Enterprises of New Town wants to drill the well.

Helms says the company has promised to use the salt water disposal well only if oil drilling starts up in Hettinger County. Brine is a waste product of oil production.

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