Roll With the Changes: A curious form of calmness

As I mentioned I have been here for nary a week and have accomplished a great deal and am adjusting to my new home and environment.

Submitted by Don Krenowicz

Posted Aug. 17, 2012

Been busy doing all the things that had to be done, putting money in the bank (that’s a story), getting a P.O. box another one, and on and on.

My nature is type A if you have not concluded, get r’ done. It drives my wife crazy, she is ‘the think it through’ person in the family and has been a good check and balance over these twenty five years. Did I mention I miss her, our twentyfifth aniversary is tommorrow, the first we have been apart.

Reflecting back over this blur of a week I have noticed kind of strange and curious calm amonst the locals. Going about my business, going to many stores and establishments, absorbing all the busyness, being harried as most newbies are.

The locals have this kind of eery calmness about it all. Especially here in New England. Its a smile, a slight smirk, a snap in their step. Don’t get me wrong they are moving and jiving and working hard, Its just they seem so damn calm about this oil boom.

I’ve thought about it to a great extent. I think its something my Dad has always said. “Its the joy of living”.

You see its not just one thing. Maybe its because they can have fresh milk delivered to their door from the local creamery, maybe its the fresh bread and soup that can be had every day at the ‘Broken Brick cafe. Maybe its because they volunteer at their local grocery store. The siren that goes off at the start of each day, sounds at 12 for dinner, at 6 to announce supper, at 10pm to end the day and all is quiet, gives order an continuity. To some they don’t even know why it goes off, you see it has always been that way in New England.

Maybe its the bells and the constant breeze of this country, maybe its the well kept homes and yards and the little old ladys tending their gardens.

Maybe its the small school and the fact that everybody goes to the local high school sports events, could be it is the local community center that has a theatre and a meeting hall or the big wide clean street the children play in and the 20 mile speed limit in all of the town. Or the farmers that till this vast open plain of millions of acres as their fathers and grandfathers did.

No, its none of these and all of these things. The people of North Dakota, a hearty group I must say, have a eery calm because they are part of a true American community. They are proud of it, and that little smirk amonst their big smiles, that snap in their step, its because they know and appreciate what they have and nothing can take that from them. You see its been that way thru good and bad. Like the siren and the bells of New England its a constant and I think I’m starting to get one of those little smirks myself.

Signing off from the Oil Patch.



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