Hettinger County youth shine in competition

4-Hers earn Awards of Excellence at the ND State Fair.


Joyce Hinrichs

The Herald

Posted Aug. 17, 2012

I go up to the Extension office. Administrative Secretary, Charlotte Meier advises that the Hettinger County 4-H’er did very well at our 2012 county fair and although the static entries were down somewhat, animals were up this year.

Three of the 4-H’er youngsters brought home Award of Excellences from the ND State fair. They were Michael Mayer receiving the Awards of Excellence for his Hard Red Wheat display and a Grand Champion for his Consumerism, Jaden Hertz, received the Award of Excellence for his honey bee display, and in the art division, Erin Ehlis won the Award of Excellence with her large drawing of a horse.

Jonah Honeyman was among the Grand Champion winners in the FFA Ag Mechanics division.

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